Modular Home Facts

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is one that is built indoors in a factory setting. The finished products are covered and transported to their new locations where they will be assembled by a builder. A modular home is not a mobile home; it is simply a home that is built off-site as opposed to on-site. These homes are often called factory-built homes, system-built  or pre-fab homes.  Modular and Manufactured homes are not the same. Manufactured homes (mobile homes) are not placed on permanent foundations. Manufactured homes, can be moved from one location to another. There are specific laws and regulations regarding these relocations. Unlike manufactured homes, modular homes must conform to the building codes for the locations where they are erected.

How to Recognize a Modular Home?

A modular home should have a metal tag on the outside of each section. These tags are small and metal. The tag should reveal a manufacturing date. You should also be able to find details about the home in the electrical panel box.

Modular Home Facts:

  • Modular homes appraise the same as their on-site built counterparts do. They do not depreciate in value.
  • Modular homes can be customized.
  • Most modular home companies have their own in-house engineering departments that utilize CAD (Computer Aided Design).
  • Modular home designs vary in style and size.
  • Modular construction can also be used for commercial applications including office buildings.
  • Modular homes are permanent structures – “real property.”
  • Modular homes can be built on crawl spaces and basements.
  • Modular homes are considered a form of “Green Building.”
  • Modular homes are faster to build than a site-built home.
  • Home loans for modular are the same as if buying a site-built home.
  • Insuring your modular home is the same as a site-built home.
  • Taxes on a modular home are the same as site-built home.
  • Modular homes tend to be more affordable than traditional houses.
  • Because modular homes are prefabricated in factories they take far less time to complete.
  • The majority of modern modular homes are built to be energy efficient using high quality insulation and windows.